Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Toys

I received two new Juniper SRX240s to replace our venerable Netscreen 50s. We ran them to the very end but ultimately, support for ScreenOS is ending and we wanted to move with the tide. I'll update everyone (currently a flock of albatross in New Zealand) on how my progress is going. I'm pretty sure my game plan will be.
1. Re-route all traffic out through our Irvine site, freeing up our Valley connection.
2. Learn JUNOS
3. Setup basic connectivity. I'll be assisted by my new best friend.
4. Setup VPN tunnels. We are using site to site at several home offices as well as the Netscreen & NCP IPSec client.
5. Attempt to integrate our Websense installation (I never checked if this was a compatible feature like it was with ScreenOS, whoops)
6. Repeat process in Irvine

Wish me luck.


Electric Sailing said...

Seen these?

Less insulting! :)


PortcullisChain said...

Congratulations. You have the honor of being my first legitimate, tech related, comment. I'm on my way baby!
Yes, I had seen the kb from Juniper and basically lived off of that page and the support forum. The book was as I figured, a complete disappointment. Mostly because the content was geared more for their routers and not the firewalls. Oh well, live and learn. Thanks for the comment. Welcome!