Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Update on Technical projects

It's been a while since I updated everyone (currently some dude in Singapore and a group of zombie PCs in Malaysia) on my going ons.  This is my weak attempt to stay relevant.  Some of what I'm talking about references my post on 07/13/2008.

1.  The T-1 to our Arizona Office has been installed.  Now I've got to figure out if the secretary will send me mail bombs for placing the loud Cisco router next to her desk.  I might have to extend the DMARC elsewhere and mount an actual rack to install it.  The office only has like 5 or 6 nodes on it and I haven't felt the need to devote the money to fixing this situation.
2.  The folding of the new So. California office into our corporate network went without a major hitch.  I dropped a new Dell R200 server with Windows 2003 running as a DC and global catalog into the network.  The server barely fit in the rack that was in place but I managed to cram it in there.  I will need to keep monitoring the temperature via OpenManage.  We also got rid of the SonicWall TZ1...something and installed a Juniper SSG5 for firewall and VPN back to us.  So far no issues.
3.  I also finally got rid of RIP for our routing protocol (don't laugh) and moved us over to OSPF.  That means my backup VPN through our DR site now fires up whenever our corporate line flops (like it's been doing since yesterday).  Damn you ISWest.
4. BackupExec now working except for synthetic backups on my big box (350GB data store).  I've been escalated through 3 levels now at Symantec and am still waiting on an answer 2 weeks later.
5. Endpoint Protection rolled out to about 75% of the company.  Central exceptions not appearing to be working as I'm getting roughly 4.2 million entries (give or take a million or so) in my event log saying SAV couldn't scan "X" files inside d:\data\  I'm waiting to fix my BackupExec problems before starting another conversation with Symantec because.....well because I can
6. DS3 installation between corporate and DR site moving forward slowly but might meet sudden death when powers that be see that Cisco 3845 routers for connection will be over $25K.  The data lines are a no brainer and we will not be spending any more money than we are already spending on our 4 DS1 lines.  

That's all I have currently.  Got to get back to to get back to watching the DNC right now and forwarding all calls to VM