Friday, November 16, 2007

We're expanding part two

Our VPN cloud is in the process of upgrading as well. Tired of the endless torture dealing with Juniper IPSEC Windows client, I managed to convince my boss to try something different. We've been scouring Ebay picking up used Netscreen 5GTs and placing them with out remote users. Most, if not all, of our remotes are not road warriors and don't have to be able to move around. At roughly $100-150 (They retail for like $500-600)a pop if one goes bad, I don't care. I throw it away and start over. This allows me a solid IPSEC VPN back home where I feel comfortable recommending expanding the VOIP network out to them. At some point I'm going to eventually have to upgrade our edge router and when I do, I think I'll look into Cisco's SSL VPN that's built into the IOS. That will give me the flexibility for my road warriors.
I would be curious to hear what anyone else thinks of the idea and if you have a better idea

We're expanding

We are going to be adding racks to our two So. California data centers because we've run out of room in one. I'll be spreading my LAN equipment away from the WAN stuff and making some room. Our brand spanking new AS/400 (Or whatever the new model is called. That's not really my bag) is going in another. This means I have to call in our local electrical slob to run some circuits for me from the UPS. This should be interesting. The last time he showed up he was sporting a Sex Wax t-shirt and talking like a sailor.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Active Directory Project Update

We've just about finished with the roll-over. We have a few remote VPN users that we need to convert over and our mailroom still needs some TLC. After I roll them over, I'll will do a final archive backup of the remaining servers on the old NT domain and kill them swiftly. I still haven't decided if I want a domain controller at our remote office in Arizona. The office only has 3 people in it, but I was considering making the server a combo file server as well and backing it up.