Friday, March 30, 2007

Battery Backup --Update

We just ordered 20 plus grand of batteries from our VAR. We decided to go with a PowerWare unit instead of a
. I was under the impression that if I compared the two units (technically), the Powerware unit could be likened to a Cadillac, while the APC unit could be called the Chevy. Imagine my surprise when the Cadillac was 10 grand less than the Chevy (with installation).
We have a new problem however. I informed my bosses that if they want a 2 hour window they need to look into cooling of the racks. There was no way I was going to tie in the building air conditioning with the UPSes. I wouldn't want to see how many battery cabinets I would need with that scenario. We decided to install the Rack Air Removal unit that APC makes for our racks and vent the heat out into the plenum. Let's add another 10 to 15K to the total cost. I wish they had just gone with a generator.

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