Thursday, August 9, 2007

Active Directory Project update

We moved over our Customer Service and IT staff to the new domain last Tuesday. It's been a couple days of clean-up and minor problems. I had wanted to accomplish two secondary tasks with this move.

First - Our password policy is atrocious and it would be embarrassing to even describe it. We will now be forcing all of our users to abide in a new strong password policy that was adopted by the company.

Second - The other task involves workstation administration. When NTFS permissions became common place on workstations several years back, my company decided to start granting "domain users" local administrator rights to clear up problems with programs needed modify rights for certain areas of the HDD. This has lead to pirated software, mis-configured computers and large security holes on our network. Unfortunately, this issue still exists and will not be able to be fixed at the present time. I guess I will add it to the project list

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