Friday, October 19, 2007

What is wrong with people

So I'm finally able to say that our incredibly weak password policy is demolished and users are now using complex, full length individual passwords and life is good right?  Wrong!  I get a call from a user who has locked her account out because she has entered in her password wrong too many times.  When I unlock the account she's still unable to log in after putting in her correct password.  On a hunch I ask her if there is or are number(s) in her password and if she is entering them on the number pad.  She states in the affirmative and then proceeds to blurt out for me and everyone in her office what her password is. If I could slap someone over the telephone line I would.  I want to start a IT wall of shame and start having users contribute to end of year party beer fund.  Guess what the original problem was.  The "num lock" key was off.  

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