Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Duncan Hunter

I just received an email letting me know that Duncan Hunter would be appearing with Wolf Blitzer on Feb. 25th @ 12:10 EST.  I'm not a political genius but the man needs to be out in the spotlight more than once every two months. It sickens my heart that in this nation, an honorable man like Mr. Hunter, is not given a quality chance to share his ideas for the nation, but wingnuts like Ron Paul can still attend debates.  I still believe it is not too late.  Once values voters realize that Mike Huckabee is a economic and foreign policy liberal in hiding and ran his own state into the ground, they will look back in the second tier and find a replacement standard bearer.  Hopefully they choose Duncan Hunter.


AjntB2Sli said...

I sure hope thats the case. Either way, keep spreading the news out there about Hunter.

PortcullisChain said...

Here's to hope.