Friday, January 18, 2008

This thing is wide open

Why is it this guy says everything I and everyone around me wants to hear, but all I hear in the news media is the Clinton/Obama catfight or the Romney/Huckabee/McCain ménage à trois. Spread the word.....this guys seems like the real deal.


I just came home from a campout with my son and heard the depressing news that Duncan Hunter has bowed out of the race. With his exit we are left with
1. A Mass. Governor who likes to buddy up to Ted Kennedy and who may or may not be a conservative at heart
2. An Arkansas Governor who has all the social issues down pat but ran his state in such a way as to make Bill Clinton look like a conservative
3. An Arizona Senator who is such a maverick that he unfortunately in my opinion can not be trusted.
4. A former Tennessee Senator who doesn't seem to want to win and the voters are obliging him with appropriate polls to represent his non-campaign.
5. A former NY city mayor who just doesn't do it for me.
6. Oh yeah....Ron Paul. Wingnut, racist, extraordinaire.

I'm depressed.

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