Monday, December 8, 2008


Update -- Now they are claiming that there is a possible conflict between BE and either "Mail security for Domino" or "Endpoint Protection". Again, possible....but it would be nice if after the very large vxgather file I sent them, they could give me more than generalities. So, now I get to reboot our mail server

So we've had this problem with BackupExec (version 12) backing up Lotus Domino.  The remote agent will continually crash and can't be resurrected unless the machine is restarted.  This becomes a problem on live servers.  Symantec's solution is to upgrade my media server to 12.5 and push out new agents.  He assures me that during the transition my v.12 agents will still work until I can get around to upgrading them.  I don't mind upgrading software and understand that bugs happen.  My problem revolves around being Symantec's guinea pig.  I've seen this issue crop up enough times on their tech support forums that they should be able to tell me if this is going to fix it and why.  I'm also pissed because the engineer is telling me that I need to upgrade all of my license keys from v12 to v12.5.  Apart from the fact that this is just stupid and hurts my head, I now have to track down my software VAR and send him on a wild goose chase to track some numbers down. Dumb!


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