Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inland Empire office

So, the new So. Calif office that we integrated into our network last summer that I last blogged about in September is finally moving.  We are racking the server in a 4' Dell rack and removing the Enterasys C2G124-24 switch (total overkill) from their office and replacing it with a Enterasys D2G124-12 switch.  This is Enterasys' workgroup switch which will be fine for this downsized office (5 people).  It's also friggin quiet.  I've got it right next to me and I don't hear a thing.  The only negative that I have is the power supply is external so I've got this fairly large supply that I'll have to find a home in the rack somewhere.  Maybe the rack mount kit for the switch will have something for it.  
We are also supplying a rackmount APC UPS that has been hanging around the storeroom since we replaced it with our mongo 5 hour battery backup.  The C2G switch that is currently there will be moved back to our Orange County office and made part of the stack.

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