Monday, April 12, 2010

Symantec Tech. Support Purgatory

So I never intended this site to be a Symantec bashing site(That's for you, my visitor from Ireland's Symantec site), it's just I use Backup Exec so frequently that I find myself calling and interacting with Tech. Support on a regular basis. On Friday, I called in to ask why I couldn't backup my Domino 6.5 on my newly upgraded version of Backup Exec 2010. After 40 minutes of listening to music and never receiving any notification that I would be here indefinitely, I hung up to place myself back in the queue thinking I 'd been transferred to the tech support equivalent of Mongolia. After an additional hour of waiting to the same thing, and really needing to go to the bathroom at this point, I was finally connected to Paresh my Symantec Engineer. Apparently it wasn't Mongolia but India I was transferred to. After about 10 minutes, he explained to me the Domino 6.5 isn't supported by BE 2010. Now I've lost all my backup policies and settings and must rebuild from scratch my backup server. I hate Backup Exec!

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