Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Active Directory Project update

        We moved over our sales and marketing department and ran into some small snags that became larger snags.  The machines that we are moving over the AD have been abused for a long time.  Our users used to have local administrative rights to their machines and thankfully we are removing those rights as we convert them over to the new domain.  That being said, the machines have suffered from user abuse and made for some ridiculous problems with printers and .  
        I thought I would be cute and introduce OS deployment through multicasting to our department.  Yes, I one knows about Ghost or Acronis in my department.  I took one machine that was a spare in our office with the intent to build an Acronis master image that I would deploy to one of the machines in our sales department.  12 hours after starting the build on the spare dell, I finally finished the master image (it was a busy day).  I deployed it to the target machine in sales around 5pm.  I then promptly rebooted the machine only to find that it wouldn't boot into windows.  Sometime around 7pm, I finally figured out that I had built the master image with a different video card than the target machine.  Not wanting to rebuild the master image, I stuck the spare machine in the sales department and upgrade the video card.  So much for my easy demonstration on OS deployment.
        Also, our VP of Sales/Marketing was due to have her machine upgraded.  The machine she was using was a pain in the rear-end and was truly the bane of the IT department.  I was happy to see it go, so I offered to setup her new laptop for her.  That entailed some new concepts in our company, such as.....offline files, synchronizing and pointing the my documents folder to the home drive on the file server.  I know....big deal right?  I'm still dealing with the laptop and installing stupid user add ons like flash, adobe and the like a week later.
        I hope next week goes better the week prior.  I'm scheduled to move our corporate offices (office of the president, HR) over to the new domain.

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