Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rocketry Camping Trip

        Our camping trip to Lucerne Lake was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  The launch event put on by the ROC was outstanding.  The boys got to launch their little Estes kits with the A and B motors we provided and then starting getting some Cs from the concession trailer.  The Discovery Channel's TimeWarp program was there filming a water rocket demo, a really frigging big model rocket (2 story) with I believe a M rocket motor and then a recreation of a famous V2 rocket explosion where the rocket tips over and explodes.  I'll update with some video we took as soon as I get it.  Some of our boys got on some b-roll footage for the show, so I'll have to check out the show in April to see if they made it on.
        The water rockets we made for launch on the next were not as big of a hit.  Can't blame them after the big boom and very testosterone pumping spectacle the day before.  We got some 2-liter bottles to launch 150'.  This was our first attempt at rocketry with this troop so we were pretty pleased with the results.
        Weather was great.  Saturday was a clear day without a cloud in the sky.  Sunday was a nice day as well with no rain clouds in the sky.  It was cold, don't get me wrong.  It dropped down in the high 20s but it was manageable for all except our newest scouts.  Pain is a great teacher however and I'm sure they will come to the next campout more prepared.  We decided to skip out Sunday night to beat the snow.  It turns out we made the right decision because they closed the 15 due to snow for awhile.

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