Wednesday, February 25, 2009

rogue cables

So awhile back I started this mini project that turned into a beast of a project. For some reason the company, before I was hired, terminated all of the data cabling into this APC four post rack. Two 48 port panels in the front and two in the back. I was then asked to bring all of these connections up as live to the core switch that was mounted in the same rack. Needless to say this made for some interesting cable management.

Fast forward to my mini-project where I bought an APC 2 post rack with appropriate cable management troughs. My goal was to move all of the cables from the 4 to the 2. The only problem was the cables were too short to re-terminate them in the 2 post. Introduce a 110 block mounted in the ceiling as a middle man and you can rightly say, WTH was I thinking.

My problem is this. Halfway through this little project, I'm informed that our sales and accounting staff are moving to our new corporate office. Most likely we will give up this office space when the lease is due this summer. Having never experienced this phenomenon I don't know what to do with the abandoned cable. Assuming the building mgmt. re-leases the space, I'm pretty sure I want to rip out the cables to the offices in question. I don't want by accident one of those connections being plugged into our core switch. Or am I over thinking it.


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